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A Gateway To The Past

Mon, 26 Jun 2023 
 A Gateway To The Past

Step back in time and explore the ancient landscape of Mokopane in Limpopo, a region brimming with history and intrigue. When you choose this area for your next holiday, you'll be surrounded by the mysteries of ancient civilizations and artefacts they've left behind. Imagine walking on the very land that ancient chiefs and legendary figures once walked on.

To experience an unforgettable journey into the past, Monomotapa Village stands as an ideal base where you can relax in comfort after a day out exploring the region.

The Ancient Kingdom of Monomotapa

Journey back in time and uncover the wonders of the ancient Kingdom of Monomotapa. The ancient Kingdom of Monomotapa thrived in Southern Africa from the 11th to the 16th centuries, leaving a legacy of wealth, power, and remarkable influence. Our resort beautifully honours the ancient kingdom's illustrious past by incorporating its heritage into the d├ęcor and architecture, while effortlessly blending modern luxury.

From the moment you step through our Monomotapa Kingdom inspired gates at this self-contained village, you'll enter a world that embraces the rich history and significance of this ancient and legendary kingdom.

Visit the Arend Dieperink Museum

Explore the fascinating Arend Dieperink Museum, located in a charming stone building that was originally a school. Situated in Mokopane, this museum houses a valuable collection of Basotho and Voortrekker artefacts, offering a glimpse into the cultural and historical heritage of the region.

Learn about the captivating history of the town and its surroundings, starting from the time of the ape-men at Makapan's Cave, all the way through the Anglo-Boer War and into recent times. The museum also features a replica of a typical "bosveldhuis", showcasing the dwellings of the farmers of the era.

While exploring the museum, make sure to visit the Makapansgat: Caves through the Ages exhibition. This display highlights the nearby Makapans caves, taking you on a journey through time.

Explore Makapansgat

One of South Africa's most significant archaeological and historical sites is Makapansgat (also known as Makapan Valley), located just 15 km north of Mokopane. This captivating valley is a treasure trove of sediments, fossils, bones, and artefacts.

Recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the entire Makapan Valley offers a captivating frontier for research, providing a unique glimpse into understanding human evolution, dating back 3.3 million years.

To ensure a seamless visit, purchase your entrance tickets in advance at the Mokopane Breeding Centre in Thabo Mbeki Drive, Mokopane before heading off to the outskirts of the town to enjoy this excursion.

Stop by the Moordrift Monument

Visit the Moordrift Monument, a modest yet vital memorial commemorating a tragic conflict between the people of Chief Makapan and Field-Cornet Potgieter in September 1854. Located under two majestic camelthorn trees beside the National Road, 16 km south of nearby Mokopane, this memorial holds historical significance as it marks the spot where the road once crossed the Nyl River by a drift.


In the end, embarking on a journey of historical discoveries will start from the moment you arrive at Monomotapa Village. Here, you will rediscover the greatness of the ancient Kingdom of Monomotapa as you revel in luxurious accommodations, immerse yourself in historical discoveries throughout the region, and embrace a world of opulence and cultural heritage.

Monomotapa Village

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