Plan and book your holiday

Still haven't planned your holiday? If you're wanting to go on that well deserved break, here's how to book:

  • Personal use: For fixed timeshare week and fractional owners, simply call us to book.
  • Flexi week timeshare owners: Call us to set your week before making a booking.
  • Exchange for another BMP resort
    • First, bank your week. You will receive unique BMP currency to book another resort
    • Browse through the other resorts you may book online
    • Call us with options on dates, unit size and where you want to go and book using your credits
  • You can opt to send a guest instead, just supply us with their details and we'll send you a guest certificate with their name

Call us to on 0861 444 123 or email

Should you wish to add to your portfolio or have any queries regarding your BMP ownership, please don't hesitate to contact us on 0860 233 562 or +27 39 688 5483 or email us at