Holiday Tech - must haves for the discerning traveller

Technology is everywhere and is meant to be helpful (sometimes I think it's also meant to frustrate you, but the tech companies swear that this isn’t the truth…). And yes, sometimes a holiday is a time to switch off your phone and leave your laptop at home, but other times (like when you have two toddlers or a sulky teen), you need to just go with the flow. So, embrace some of the awesome technological products around you and use them to the max on your next holiday

  • Planning your holiday: make sure you don't forget a thing by using a to-do list app that can be synced to all your devices. Try Wunderlist.
  • Your iPad or tablet: download some fun apps to keep the kids entertained during long journeys. This way you get out long hours of i-Spy!
  • External hard drive: put enough movies on there to keep every member of the family entertained during rainy days
  • Your waterproof phone: take awesome photos under water or in the pool to make those memories last!
  • Solar chargers: nothing is as bad as your phone battery hitting a low during a fun day out and taking photos. Take a solar charger with you and recharge during lunch.
  • Google Goggles App: want to know more about a really important-looking building, painting or item that you don’t know the name of? Start this app, point your camera and if Google has info on it, it will return with a Wikipedia entry about the place in front of you.
  • Google Maps: Use Google Maps before you land up in the roughest part of your new environment.
  • FourSquare: look up good places to eat or shop at by means of reviews from other visitors.
  • Google+ holiday timeline: load your photos to Google+ gallery and it will create a beautiful timeline gallery of where you were and when that you can share with your friends and family.