Yes! Accommodation Income Increased by More Than Expected

Even though cancelled holidays and grounded flights may feel like a thing of the past, there have been a few concerns about returning to travel normalcy. Many people have wanted to know; “Will people want to venture out after the pandemic? Are people still open to exploring new places?”

Those fears are valid, and we realise that only time will tell in the long run. To our welcomed surprise, the latest Stats SA survey shows that resorts are busy and rental returns are phenomenal.

With increased revenue comes added peace of mind that the popularity of resorts will continue to soar. So much so, that recently a major Hollywood studio looking for luxury accommodation for the biggest action star in the world wanted to book our famous Cayley Mountain Resort.

The Hollywood studio requested the use of the entire resort, even though the crew would only use a handful of units. Our commitment to our current owners comes first, making it an impossible mission to host the action star.

BMP wants to treat you and your family like superstars and we look forward to rolling out the red carpet.

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