Visit the Wildlife and Cultural Centre

There are few things as specials as the memories made during an annual family holiday. Spending quality time together is something that every member of the family will treasure for a long time so it's important to make every moment count.

When staying at Monomotapa Village you have access to an array of world-class facilities, and based on your BMP benefit tier, you'll enjoy between 15% and 25% discount at most on-site facilities such as the golfing fees, helicopter flights, game drives, spa treatments and meals. There is thus no reason for you not the make the most of your holiday!

One of the most popular attractions at Legend Golf & Safari is the Wildlife and Cultural Centre. Here you'll find the:

  1. Predator Centre with white lions, king cheetah, wild dogs, karakul, serval, African wild cat and black footed cat
  2. Antelope Centre with buffalo, sable, nyala, roan and red duiker
  3. Reptile Centre with snakes, tortoises and crocodiles
  4. Raptor Centre with birds of prey
  5. Pedi-cultural Village where you can enjoy traditional meals whilst enjoying traditional dance shows.

Make sure to visit these centres on your next stay at Monomotapa Village. Question is, with all these great choices where will you go first?

PLEASE NOTE: These facilities are closed on Mondays