Tips for a Memorable Game Drive

Whether you’re doing a guided game drive or driving your own vehicle through a park, follow these tips to make your next game drive a memorable one:

  1. Binoculars and camera: you’ll need a pair of binoculars to spot those extra special moments like a bird feeding her chicks or a watching a leopard devour his breakfast. Make sure your camera is charged, working properly and take an extra SD Card. Digital cameras with maximum optical zoom will be your best choice if you’re not a professional photographer. Also carry a notebook and pen to write down interesting species or specific animals your ranger may point out to you.
  2. Pick the right clothes: Layer your clothes so that you can take some off if you’re warm. Make sure you’re comfortable and avoid white or bright colours. Long pants are recommended to protect you against mosquitos and ticks.
  3. Be sun-smart: Wear sunblock, sunglasses and sunhat when going for a day drive.
  4. Keep quiet: Avoid unnecessary noise that may scare the animals away. If you’re doing a self-drive, turn the music down. Also make sure that your phone is on silent and that it won’t disrupt the animals or your fellow game-watchers.
  5. Consider going on a guided night drive: Many animals are nocturnal and night time is when they come out to hunt.
  6. Don’t try to get the animals’ attention: Don’t call the animals, stay in your car at all times and don’t entice them with food. These are all things that can contribute to serious injuries and even death.
  7. Don’t smoke: Not only will it disrupt your fellow game-watchers but a cigarette butt can cause a serious fire.
  8. Take a guidebook: A guidebook will help you to identify the different park species. When you’re on a self-drive it’ll also include maps of the routes to take.