Some Interesting Facts

Monomotapa Village is located within the Entabeni Game Reserve. Sharply defined and beautiful crags offer a tranquil setting for this peaceful, upmarket bush getaway. The prominent Hanglip Mountain peak is conspicuously recognizable and offers a dramatic backdrop for Monomotapa Village.

In celebration of South Africa’s Heritage month, here are some interesting facts about this remarkable area:

  • The Entabeni Safari Conservancy forms part of the Waterberg Biosphere and is a World Heritage Site
  • The Waterberg is the world’s only savannah biosphere reserve
  • The rocks in its base date back to 2.7 billion years
  • Some artefacts found here date back to the Stone Age
  • Different cultures in the region include Bapedi, Tswana and Basotho while Voortrekkers also left their distinctive mark in the area
  • Agriculture is an integral part of this province
  • Sandstone buttresses, Baobab, Marula and Fever trees intersperse the landscape
  • The area is a must-visit for tourists for its many game and conservation areas and rugged beauty