Self-Catering Holidays And What To Pack

Love going on holiday but hate planning the meals for your self-catering holiday? No problem. We've compiled a list that may help ease the process:

  • To drink: coffee, tea, long-life milk, juice or cordials and a bottle of wine for those beautiful evenings around a fire.
  • For breakfast: cereal, muesli, yoghurt, eggs or bread to start each day like champion!
  • For cooking: oil, spray 'n cook, spices, pasta, rice and pre-packed sauces.
  • Fruit and vegetables: an array of your favourite in-season fruit and veg (fresh or frozen will work well).
  • General: margarine, condiments and your favourite snacks.
  • Other: Consider cooking and freezing a few of your family's favourite meals so that you can have a home-cooked meal away from home!

We hope this will help to start the ball rolling when packing for your next holiday! Here's to many great days, relaxing and doing nothing!