How to pack your bags like a pro

Nothing says "Your Holiday Is Almost Here!" like packing your bags. But sometimes it feels like you need an advance degree in engineering to make it all fit. We have compiled a list of handy hints on how to pack like a pro.

  • Roll Your Clothes
    Yes, it really works! You can pack all your clothes in a fraction of the space required. Travel light and leave enough space to bring back some keepsakes from your travels. Watch this video on how to roll t-shirts, jeans and jackets.
  • Pack Shoes Inside A Shower Cap Or Shoe Bag
    This will prevent the dirty soles from leaving prints on your suitcase’s lining or your clothes. As an extra tip, stuff rolled-up socks inside your shoes to prevent your favourite pair from getting dented.
  • Pack Only What Is Needed
    We already know that this goes for clothes and shoes, but do the same for your toiletries. Instead of buying travel size shampoos and creams, repack your own into smaller containers. You can buy them at plastic stores or use empty containers you have in your home.
  • Plastic Seal Your Liquid Items
    Do this by putting everything that has the tendency to leak (conditioner, face wash, body cream etc.) in two Ziploc bags. Alternatively, put some plastic under the caps of your bottles.
  • Wear Bulky Items When Travelling
    This goes for people travelling by air. Wear your bulkiest boots and jacket on your flight. It will free up some space in your bag and prevent you from becoming cold on the plane.

What tips do you have for packing like a pro?